Defence Contracting

While Traprain’s main business is in oil and gas and related industries, we have also provided consultancy to a number of defence projects, the largest of which was the multi-billion pound contract to design and build two 65,000t aircraft carriers for the British Royal Navy.

Traprain acted as subcontractors to Kellogg Brown & Root, and supplied their Chief Executive, Peter Foreman, as a part-time commercial director on the project, together with other consultancy support. The work involved assisting in the development of the contracting strategy, and negotiating very complex contracts for what will be the largest vessels ever to serve with the Royal Navy, and a core party of British defence strategy. The role involved developing collaborative thinking between the parties, and acting as part of a “Client’s Friend” team assisting the Ministry of Defence in developing a robust contracting structure.

The two vessels (HMS Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales) will enter service during the latter part of the 2010s.

This project, which lasted for over three years, showed that the skills of Traprain consultants are transferable to a range of other complex engineering and construction fields.