Training Courses

Traprain provides a wide range of both public and in-house courses in the area of legal, commercial and contractual issues, and dispute resolution.  Some examples of recent courses we have delivered either directly or through our partner companies include the following:

Claims Administration

LOGIC Standard Form Contracts

Understanding Negotiating and Drafting Oil & Gas Industry Contracts

Practicalities of Decommissioning Offshore Installations

Advanced Contract Management

Contract Risk Management Compliance

Introduction to Business Contracts

Negotiating with Consultants and Contractors

Construction Contracts Masterclass

Engineering Services Contracts

Mastering Contracts Management

Post-Award Contracts

Contract Excellence for Non-Legal Professionals

Contracts A - Z

Contract Law for Business

Essentials of Contracting

Negotiating, Drafting, and Understanding Commercial Contracts

Contract Writing

Contract Formulations

Complete Course on Contracts Management

Tender Preparation and Evaluation

Five Day Contact Professional

Claims and Counter Claims Management

Contract Risk, Insurance and Indemnities

Contractual Insurance

Contract Management

Mastering Contracts and Claims

BOT Contracts

FIDIC Contracts

International Business Law

Force Majeure

Cost Estimating Methods

The Basics of Tendering and Project Management

Negotiation Skills

Crafting Purchasing and Supply Contracts

Contract Management and Tendering