Dispute resolution and mediation

Traprain brings a truly international perspective to the realities of dispute resolution: many of our Consultants are qualified lawyers in various jurisdictions, a skills set which we support through established relationships with major law firms in England, Scotland, Norway, Canada, United States, Australia, United Arab Emirates and elsewhere.

In addition, we offer a One Stop Shop for legal, financial and technical advice relating to disputes, utilising our network of experienced personnel to prepare or evaluate claims documents.  Gone is the need to hire a series of experts and manage the complex interfaces: Traprain’s focus on solutions brings simplicity to an otherwise complex task.

Traprain provides many services for dispute resolution, including advising on the various methods available; supporting clients in managing complex disputes; actually conducting arbitration, mediation and other dispute resolution processes for the client and, where appropriate and where there are no conflict of interest, providing independent arbitrators, mediators and experts.

Traprain consultants have a long history of working with practicing lawyers in different jurisdictions to add value to the process and can provide their expertise in managing external law firms and other advisors, freeing up the client while working within pre-agreed budgets and financial controls. This can involve Traprain acting as a “legal director” for companies that do not have such a function, or providing top-up support where they do.

Several consultants with the Traprain Network are accredited mediators and Traprain can offer mediation services with personnel who have strong industry backgrounds in oil & gas and construction.  Traprain consultants are also on the approved panels for courts in both Scotland and England in providing mediation services as part of the court process.

As well as providing qualified and experienced arbitrators and mediators, our team is available to manage these processes as required.