Legal and contractual

Traprain’s senior, experienced personnel provide a high quality, affordable service on all aspects of contract law: advising on contract structures; drafting contractual documents; reviewing documents; conducting or supporting negotiations. In this way, clients have access to senior legal or commercial director quality staff, but only pay for them as and when required. With experience in many industries, on an international basis, Traprain’s consultants make the highest standard of advice fully accessible, on demand. 

While many of Traprain’s clients are major international companies, pricing structures can be agreed to make this service available to small and medium sized enterprises, giving a quality of support that would not normally be possible.  Assignments can be fulfilled in a variety of ways to suit the needs of the client, with fees charged on hourly or daily rates or (where appropriate) on lump sum or incentive arrangements.

Traprain is prepared to be highly innovative in looking at funding arrangements, with existing contracts in United States and Canadian Dollars, and a previous tentative agreement to accept payment in gas from an offshore field.

Traprain can agree Service Level Agreements with clients regarding speed and means of response, and the company will only accept work it is able to deal with quickly and efficiently. Work can be handled remotely at Traprain offices or with staff being embedded in the client’s team for the period of time required, or a combination of the two.