The Traprain Network trainers are experienced in helping non-legal specialists understand the principles of contract law, how contracts are formed and managed - including negotiation techniques – and how to resolve disputes should they arise.  The can also assist in areas such as financial management; human resources and many skills required for efficient management in a modern, international environment.

We recognise that team members from a range of backgrounds benefit from understanding such issues as the fundamentals of contract law: it brings positive benefit at every stage of a project, helping to avert issues and equipping non-legal staff to identify possible areas of contention at an early stage.

Training services encompass a wide range of commercial, legal, contractual and managerial areas and are offered both as public courses and bespoke in-house courses.  

Bespoke in-house courses are exactly that: our approach is always to ascertain each client’s requirements and then provide senior and experienced personnel to deliver a carefully prepared course.  This can range from half day sessions through to much longer multi-week courses.  In every case, Traprain trainers have actually done the things they are talking about, and so can provide practical strategies to delegates who need to improve the way in which they work on a day to day basis, illustrated by real examples of how to do things (and how they can go wrong!).  Our clients appreciate that this demanding approach requires practical expertise, not merely theory.

Demand for our programmes has come from all over the world: to date we have delivered public courses, in collaboration with partner companies, in the UK, Netherlands, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Malaysia and in-house courses in the UK, Oman, Pakistan, Norway, France, Kuwait, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.  

In-house clients include Aker, English China Clay, Stolt, Lukoil, Technip, Tees Alliance Group, BP Pakistan, Kuwait Petroleum, Saudi Aramco, The Royal Commission for the New Town of Jubail (Saudi Arabia), Equate Petrochemical (Kuwait), PDO (Oman), ADWEA (Abu Dhabi), SEHA (Abu Dhabi), the Abu Dhabi state oil company ADNOC and Qatar Gas.  

Traprain is also able to offer courses in negotiation, dispute resolution and financial management.